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Date Ideas for the Penny-wise Couple

June 18, 2013

Dating is a means of bonding by engaging in mutually agreed upon social activities done by two people together as a couple. Spending quality time with your partner is the goal in dating. However, more often than not, money is needed to make that happen. It’s a fact that not everyone is loaded with cash, some hardly make ends meet. Just think about this: How are you supposed to afford a splendid date when you’re still hanging onto your cheap mobile accessories? If you are not the rich type, but you want to have a time worth remembering with your date, then check the practical date ideas listed below.

  1. Go to a bookstore. This is a good destination, especially if you don’t have your way with words. Just open a book that says most about how you feel about your partner, and you can just read the line to convey your feelings. This may sound a little too cheesy, but it’s actually sweet at the same time. Aside from the cheesy stuff, books can also serve as sensible topics to bring into the table, such as tackling environmental issues, determining who the greatest author of all time is, or debating which superhero will win if they went head-to-head.
  2. Cook. I’m pretty sure that you have eaten some entrées in restaurants that makes you wanting to go back for more. It’s no use to deny that dining in those fine establishments costs a fortune. So, why don’t you just cook your own version of the favorite food served to you in the restaurant? All you have to do is do a little research using your smartphone and try to replicate that sumptuous dish, and you’re ready to go cooking—that of course if you already have the ingredients. You may not achieve the same taste, but at least you and your partner had fun no matter how your dish turns out.
  3. Go for a jog in the park. This is perfect if both of you are fitness enthusiasts, but even if not, you still can go for a walk in the park together, while holding hands. If you’re planning a more strenuous jog, then keep the pace comfortable enough for the both of you, so you still can make a conversation while staying in tip-top shape.
  4. Volunteer. Perhaps the greatest activity to make your bond stronger with your partner is to do something together for a cause. Volunteering to be of service to others, such as building homes for the poor, taking care of children with special needs in the orphanage, or bathing pets at the animal shelter, is one great way to spend some quality time with one another. At least by doing this, you’re sure that your relationship is not only grounded on superficial viewpoints; the both of you get to value life and service to others.
  5. Switch hobbies. It’s a fact that your likes may not be the same as your partner’s and vice versa. So, why don’t you try doing what he/she likes to do, and invite him/her to join you with your hobbies? This way, you’ll get to know each other better. If your partner is in to personalizing mobile back cases, then join him/her. You might be surprised that you’re learning to love your partner’s hobbies, too.


A great date doesn’t have to be something expensive. Sometimes, you can have momentous times with each other without even spending a buck. The answer to a worthwhile quality time together lies on how you manage to keep each other happy and secure. Anyway, the most important part of your date is celebrating your togetherness, and that is how a date should be.



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